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Top Interview Questions for Leasing Professionals

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A leasing professional's primary duty is locating adequate housing or office space for their clients. They typically work for property management companies or apartment communities. When interviewing for a leasing position, be prepared to answer questions about your sales and communication skills. You could face questions of any nature, but there are several pieces of information an interviewer will likely seek interview for a leasing position.

Customer Service Skills

Expect a question about your ability to relate to other people. Knowing how to interact with customers is key to gaining their trust and influencing their decisions to sign a lease with you. Revealing your experience successfully providing customer service and retaining renters helps sell your use of people skills. Questions you to expect could be along these lines: 'How do you go about establishing a rapport with clients?' 'How do you use your relationship skills to convince renters to resign their leases?'

Can You Close the Sale?

Sales skills come into play when interviewing for a leasing position. Employers are more likely to hire someone they are convinced can persuade interested parties toward their properties. A leasing company or apartment community will likely ask about your ability and success in closing sales, such as: 'What is one of your closing techniques and how would you use it on a seemingly uninterested client?' 'What techniques have you used to convince renters to choose your community over another?'

Organizational and Time Management Skills

Employers want to know how well you manage a multitude of information and follow up appropriately. Some questions to prepare for include: '''If you had 10 new leads come in at once, how would you make sure they are all get contacted?' 'What mass email systems have you helped set up?' 'How do you handle the pressure of multiple deadlines?'"

Know Your Career Path

Leasing professionals should expect to work odd and sometimes long hours. Leasing companies want look ambitious employees willing to work this type of schedule as a way to grow in their careers. Be ready for questions that probe your ability to work outside of traditional hours and how reliable you are, as well as your career aspirations. For example: 'How do you rearrange your schedule to work evenings and weekends?' 'What plans do you have to learn more about your career, such as pursuing certifications?' 'What are other areas of real estate that interest you as a career?'