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Sheriff's Dept Interview Questions

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Every law enforcement agency is different, but there are many types of questions that occur during job interviews with any sheriff's office. Applicants should be prepared for these situations and strive to exhibit a professional, cooperative and educated persona during any job interview with a law enforcement agency.

Skills and Work Experience

Job seekers in the field of law enforcement will be asked to provide information about their formal education, work experience and job skills. This information can be gleaned from interview questions such as: "What training do you have for this type of work? How does your background prepare you for law enforcement?" Interviewers are attempting to find out if the applicant has any relevant work experience.

Knowledge of Law Enforcement

According to the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department, interviewers will most likely ask the applicant knowledge questions to see how much the applicant prepared for the interview. Applicants should be prepared and review aspects about the department such as their mission statement, size and number of officers, jurisdiction, major personnel, and other relevant facts including the duties of an officer. Deputy sheriff duties that the applicant might be asked about include: arresting suspects, recovering stolen property, protecting life and preventing crime.

Personal Attributes

Interviewers will ask the applicant questions such as: "Why do you want a career in law enforcement?" "Do you understand the duties and risks of an officer job?" "How have you prepared for this position?" "What do you think will be the challenges of this type of job?" Being a sheriff or police officer is a very demanding job and interviewers will attempt to weed out applicants who do not appear capable of handing the job responsibilities.

Communications Skills

Interviewers will attempt to gauge the applicant's communications skills by asking questions such as: "Can you explain a time when you worked with a team and how did you contribute to their success?" "Are you able to have orders delegated to you?" "Do you have experience with written or oral presentations? How will you deal with argumentative or belligerent suspects?"


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