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How to Write an RCMP Competency Resume

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If you are a police officer with previous experience who is interested in joining the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, you must submit a structured resume that covers your education, work experience and police training, and also details your experience, skills and knowledge in nine predetermined police competencies. You must follow a specific resume format, and cite at least two examples to show your knowledge of and experience with each of the nine core competencies.

Nine Core Competencies

The structured portion of your resume must address your abilities and experience preparing and presenting testimony in court; getting judicial authorizations; and conducting investigations. This portion of your resume must also cover your knowledge of and use of investigative interviewing techniques and applicable legislation, policies, procedures and strategic priorities. You also should include information about your concern for safety, flexibility, communication skills and experiencing working with a team.

The S.T.A.R. Format

The competency portion of your resume covers your functional police experience and organizational and functional core competencies. The RCMP requires applicants organize this information in what it calls the Situation, Task, Action and Result, or S.T.A.R., format. Using this format, you must describe the circumstances; the action you took; who else was involved; the information you used to decide what action to take; any challenges or roadblocks you faced and/or overcame; and what happened as a result of the action you took.

Organizational Competencies

Your resume should include information about your personal qualities or attributes that will help you succeed. For example, the RCMP expects its officers be flexible and good communicators, and as comfortable working alone as they are with a team. You must describe how these attributes helped or didn't help during your career as a police officer, citing specific examples. For example, if you worked with a group of people to solve a missing persons case, describe the role working as a team played in solving the case.

Functional Competencies

Your resume should include information about your knowledge, skills and abilities that will help ensure on-the-job success. The RCMP will use this information to determine if you can hit the ground running or if you'll need additional training in order to perform the job. Include on your resume information about your experience preparing and presenting court testimony; getting judicial authorizations, such as a warrant or summons; investigative interviewing techniques; conducting investigations; concern for safety; and knowledge of relevant legislation, policies, procedures and strategic priorities. For example, if you are applying to become a forensic identification specialist, you should stress your experience photographing crime scenes, recording investigation-related activities and developing fingerprints.

Job Requirements

To qualify for a position with the RCMP, you must have graduated from a Canadian police training institution, have at least two years of Canadian police experience and be proficient in English. A proficiency in French can help you succeed as well, as can a willingness to relocate anywhere within Canada and work shift work, including holidays and weekends. The RCMP also requires applicants pass a background check, meet physical standards, and also that they do not improperly use or abuse prescription or illegal drugs. You also should include information about any police training you've had; relevant licenses, certificates or degrees you have; and your experience in a specialized unit, such as surveillance or drug enforcement.


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