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Leasing Agent Interview Questions

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Having the gift of gab and being able to draw clients in is one of the most effective traits of a Leasing Agent. There are other traits and qualifications that can benefit the position and asking the right type of interview questions will help to determine if the candidate possess these skills. An interview should consist of qualification questions, experience questions, character questions, and problem solving questions.

Qualifications Questions

Qualification-based questions will explore if the candidate meets the qualifications for the position. This includes leasing agent-related skills such as sales and accurate record keeping. A sample of questions include: What are your strengths and weaknesses? What skills do you possess that is relevant to the position? Are you able to work a flexible schedule, including weekends and evenings as needed?

Experience Questions

The purpose of asking experience questions is to find out if the candidate has prior leasing agent experience and if so, how much. Most of this information can be ascertained from the resume, however the interview allows the interviewee to open up more about their experiences. A sample of questions include: What prior leasing agent experience do you have? How many years of experience do you have as a leasing agent? Do you have any other sales experience?

Character Questions

A qualified leasing agent may not be the best one for the job if they lack the character or attitude for the position. An important component of the job is being personable and professional with the staff, future tenants and current residents. Sample questions include: What are three adjectives that past employers would use to describe you? How do you develop rapport with prospective tenants?

Problem Solving Questions

Leasing agents should possess excellent problem solving capabilities because situations may arise which force the agent to think quickly. A leasing agent that can act according to the rules of the management company while keeping the tenants happy would be a great contributor to the team. Sample problem solving interview questions include: If a tenant calls about a flood in their apartment what would you do? If a tenant calls about a disturbance how would you handle the situation? If a client has a questionable credit report or rental history what would you do?


Najla A.Y. Slowe is a recent M.B.A. graduate from Strayer University. She started writing in undergraduate school at the Fashion Institute of Technology as a staff writer for W27. She has over 10 years of marketing-related experience.