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The Average Salary for an At-Home Virtual Call Center Agent

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As a work-at-home call center agent, you can earn a decent hourly wage. This salary can bring in some needed extra income each month without having to pay for expensive day care or elder care when a friend or spouse can provide care for your shift. Commuting costs are also eliminated from your budget.


According to a white paper by Avaya in 2008, a business communications company, the average hourly wage for an at-home call agent is between $10 and $15. At-home call agents can also work full-time, thus increasing their earning potential as many call agents work part-time shifts from home. Working part-time from home allows many who would not otherwise work the opportunity to earn some money. Those nearing retirement, on maternity leave, or perhaps those who are on modified workloads due to disability may find working as an at-home call agent attractive.

Accolade Support

Accolade Support is one of many companies that hire at-home call agents. It hires agents with technical knowledge and customer service skills to help customers resolve problems with their computers and the Internet. They may be contract, full-time or part-time employees. Employees must reside in the United States. Their salary range is between $10 and $12 per hour.


Affina hires at-home call agents as well. Those hired by Affina have to be available to train in Peoria, Illinois, or Waterloo, Iowa, for four to six weeks before beginning to work at home. This company provides customer service to many different types of clients. The pay is between $8 and $10 an hour.


LiveOps works with many companies to provide customer service to its customers over the phone. It hires independent call agents who work from home to work for these companies. The companies set the pay rates and structures. Some may pay a certain amount for time on the phone or per call. Some may also have bonuses in place to help you increase your salary. Training with LiveOps can be completed within a week and is self-directed.

Where to Look

A list of companies that hire call agents can be found on the WorldWide Work at Home website. The site includes a brief summary of the requirements for agents, such as whether they should have customer service or virtual call center experience. It also includes links to the companies’ websites.