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The Job Duties of Roofing Project Managers

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Roofing project managers are responsible for controlling every stage of roofing installations or repairs to residential and commercial properties. They aim to complete projects on time and within budget, while ensuring that roofing teams work in safe conditions. To carry out their duties, roofing project managers require skills and experience in supervision, costing and project planning, in addition to excellent knowledge of roofing techniques and materials.


Careful project planning is essential. Roofing project managers liaise with other contractors on site to identify the most appropriate start date of a project. They estimate the time to complete roof construction or repair and allocate tasks to teams with different skills, such as carpentry, tiling and insulation. They estimate the materials required for the project and plan delivery schedules to ensure structural timber, shingles, insulation material, guttering and fascias are available when needed. They also plan and order the scaffolding and other equipment requirements for the project.


Roofing project managers review the architect's roofing design to plan the sequence of work by different members of the team. They identify any practical problems in achieving the planned result and discuss any necessary changes with the architect and client. They brief members of the roofing team and discuss the best way to proceed in the job. If a roof design includes items such as solar panels or dormer windows, project managers liaise with specialist contractors to integrate installation with other roofing tasks.


To complete the work, project managers put together a team. They may hire subcontractors who work for the duration of the project or select a team if their company employs full-time roofers. They instruct the team on the order of work and provide them with a schedule. On site, they supervise the team and inspect the quality of work to ensure it meets standards. Project managers provide help and advice to team members if they encounter problems. If adverse weather makes it difficult to work, project managers reschedule the work.


Ensuring safety on site is a critical part of the project manager’s role. Roofing is a high-risk activity and workers must comply with occupational safety guidelines. Project managers must ensure that workers wear protective equipment such as hard hats and gloves. They check the stability and safety of ladders and scaffolding and provide training in safely working at great heights.


Roofing project managers prepare reports for clients and contractors on the cost and progress of the work. They highlight any quality issues or operational problems that affect the progress of the job, and also record details of any inspections by surveyors or local government officials.


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