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How Does a Welder Spend a Workday?

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The average workday for a welder includes using various tools to apply heat that bonds pieces of metal together. To prepare for projects, welders also spend time reviewing blueprints, measuring metal dimensions and maintaining equipment.

Daily Activities

Some days, welders work on one large project. Other days, they move to different areas or locations to complete work for clients. The first phase of work is to review the blueprints or directions from the employer or client. The welder then gathers all tools and materials necessary to complete the work. A torch or soldering device is then used to weld metal together based on the dimensions prescribed in the blueprint. After each project, the welder cleans up the work space and cleans and maintains his tools.

Work Environment

Welders work in various industries and locations. Some work in manufacturing, where they produce machines, equipment or other metal products. Others specialize in repairing equipment or machines in particular sectors, such as racing or construction. Outdoor work may come with extreme weather conditions. Inside jobs can get hot with heated tools and protective gear. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that welders face above-average injury risks because of the type of work and equipment they use. Putting on protective gear, gloves, goggles and masks is part of the typical day.


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