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The Role of a Foreman

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Construction sites appear to be chaotic places with workers performing tasks from carpentry to plumbing to installing electricity. They are filled with tools, equipment and supplies. Foremen are the supervisors who ensure that work there is done safely and efficiently. These people must be knowledgeable about construction and be experienced managers and effective communicators to perform the duties of the job.


Foremen supervise the construction site. This includes planning work for the day and assigning workers to necessary tasks. Throughout the job, he monitors both his workers and sub-contractors, making sure that tasks are completed correctly and on schedule. In addition, he regularly communicates with the site engineers, project manager and contractors about work scheduling and changes that need to be made to the plans.


The foreman must ensure a safe job site for workers. He must know and enforce the relevant safety regulations under the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA. This includes making sure workers use appropriate safety equipment and operate equipment and machinery in a safe manner. If a worker is injured, the foreman must make sure the person gets appropriate medical care and see that the injury is reported to OSHA.

Quality Assurance

The foreman must monitor work around the site to ensure it is quality work that will pass the required inspections. If workers cut corners, the job must be fixed or re-done and the entire project may be delayed. Any problems or mistakes must be reported to the project manager and corrected.


The foreman documents the work completed, including hours worked and materials used on each part of the project. He may also be responsible for recommending the order of supplies and equipment or placing orders himself. Finally, the foreman must enforce all other laws and regulations that apply to the job site. This includes any state or local laws, EPA regulations or company policies.


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