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How to Be a Successful Party Promoter

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Party promoting is a lucrative and fun business to get into. It involves working with clubs to plan and host parties, as well as finding ways to attract guests to an event. Being a successful party promoter takes a considerable amount of social skill and business know-how. You also have to understand your city’s party life. Keep a few of these tips in mind if you want to be successful in the industry.


To be a successful party promoter, you will need to familiarize yourself with the industry. Attend as many events as you can to help you determine what makes them successful. Pay attention to what draws a large crowd and what gets the masses excited. For example, attendants of a couples' party might prefer hearing more love songs. Or if you are promoting a party for a club or hotel, figure out how to attract the big spenders. Talk to successful promoters in your area and gather tips on moneymaking strategies. You can also find classes to help you hone your talents, such a communication skills course at a local college.


In order to get promoting jobs, you will need a savvy marketing strategy to sell yourself. Put out special first-time offers, such as planning or hosting an event for free. This will help get your name out there. Get chummy with radio show hosts and convince them to promote your party. Also, learn how to attract the attention of media outlets, and how to use social sites to publicize a party. Go a step further and let marketing associates in your area know about your party promotions, and ask them to subcontract you for any party-related work they may have available.


Make friends with experienced promoters to learn the tricks of the trade. You may also want to find a mentor. Use friends and relatives to distribute your business cards to relevant venues such as fashion houses or clubs. Volunteer to work for a successful party promoter for free to boost your confidence and enable you to rub shoulders with potential clients. Also, engage social media to help you network. Create a mailing list to help your fans keep track of your upcoming parties, or post updates on a live Twitter feed.

Be Persistent

When you land a deal, go out of your way to give the finest results. You need to know the party venue well and have the party details down pat. Use sub-promoters if you get projects that have a very short deadline. They can help you spread the word on the street. Invest in a professional photographer so you can create a portfolio of all your successful events. Finally, be sure to treat everyone with respect so you can develop a positive reputation. People prefer to work with credible and reliable people.


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