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How to Start a Singles Club

Singles clubs are a popular venue for singles looking to meet new friends or to date like-minded individuals. While singles clubs may once have held a stigma for attracting lonely or odd individuals, nowadays singles groups draw all sorts of interesting people with varied interests, from book nerds to rock climbers. If your town lacks a fun singles group, do your community a service by starting your own singles club.

Identify your passions and start a singles club that reflects your interests and life philosophy. Whether you are interested in sports, salsa dancing, mystery novels, local history or politics, establish a club that draws like-minded individuals. Not only will this give your club focus, it will make it much more likely that those who join will have common interests and want to remain members.

Learn what it takes to establish your activities club as a nonprofit by contacting your state’s nonprofit association. See Resources for links to nationwide associations. As a nonprofit club, you may be able to generate more free assistance from local government institutions. Generally, you will need to establish your goals and bylaws and elect a board of directors to manage events, ensure that the club meets its goals and objectives, handle marketing, document meetings and manage funds. You’ll then need to incorporate, obtain a federal tax ID and register with the IRS.

Develop a vision for your singles club. Ask yourself what you would like to get out of your club. Consult with friends to help you establish goals for your club. Another idea is to meet with your town’s Chamber of Commerce or other event committees to explore options for your singles club. Before you meet, be sure to have a solid grasp of how you intend to advertise and build membership and the types of events you hope to hold. Place an ad on, as well as in local newspapers and newsletters from homeowners associations and local companies. The Chamber of Commerce may be able to help you secure a free or low-cost location for your meetings.

Establish a board of directors. Once you have established the managing members, create marketing methods, membership fees, meetings schedules, bylaws, a website for your singles group, officer and election terms, fundraiser ideas for raising money for your club and activities, such as dances, marathons, book readings, walking tours, volleyball tournaments, volunteer events, cookouts and brunches. You’ll also need to establish a bank account in which to hold the funds for your club.

Advertise and encourage membership by establishing a website and events calendar and by creating promotional newsletters, fliers and emails about your club and upcoming events.


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