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Why People Join Clubs

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Many people join clubs as a way to get to know people and make friends. If you have just moved into a new community, joining a club can give you a way to connect and find people with common interests. Joining a club can also provide a way to meet individuals you may be interested in dating. You may want to join a club that your friends or people you want to become friends with are a part of to spend more time with them. Some clubs to consider joining for social reasons could include book clubs, clubs devoted to sports such as hiking or running, stay-at-home moms' clubs, single’s clubs, and historical reenactment clubs.


People join clubs to advance their career goals. Becoming a member of a club can allow you to network with others in a similar line of work and exchange valuable advice or contacts. Toastmasters clubs can help people hone their public speaking and presentation skills, while alumni and professional clubs allow people to stay in contact and share information with their peers and colleagues.


There are many clubs for people to share special interests and knowledge. You can probably find a club dedicated to almost any hobby or subject you enjoy. These types of clubs help people share their talents, mentor novices, learn skills, and find people to talk to about their favorite pastime, collection, game or craft. Clubs that help you cultivate your special interests could include those centered on falconry, coin collecting, classic cars, homeschooling, music, celebrities, quilting, bird watching, gardening, horseback riding, Civil War history, and many other subjects.


Other people join clubs to help in their community or to further a cause that is important to them. Many people working together in an organized fashion can often accomplish more than individuals could on their own. Clubs such as the Lions Club, Kiwanis Club and the Rotary Club are large international organizations that are dedicated to helping others in their local areas. Some clubs that support special causes include the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, the Sierra Club, whose goal is to help protect the planet, and clubs to help preserve historical landmarks.

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