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Metaphysical Careers

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The term “metaphysical” encompasses a variety of fields, including spirituality, religion, philosophy, psychology, astrology and holistic healing. Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy that explores reality and the nature of being. Some schools, like the College of Metaphysical Studies, offer degrees for people in metaphysical studies that can lead to metaphysical career opportunities. Individuals interested in metaphysics can explore careers in the areas of healing, teaching, ministry or writing.


Becoming a metaphysical healing practitioner is a possible career path for individuals drawn to alternative medicines and alternative healing modalities. In metaphysical healing, the mind, body and spirit are seen as interconnected and faith, prayer and self-responsibility are important aspects of the healing process. Metaphysical healing practitioners may use meditation, prayer or psychic or telepathic healing with their patients. Practitioners also may be trained in an alternative healing modality, such as herbology, acupuncture, aromatherapy, homeopathy, naturopathy or energy healing.


A metaphysical career in teaching can suit individuals who are knowledgeable about certain topics and wish to educate others. Metaphysical teachers can organize their own spiritual class series to teach weekly in their local communities. Teachers can start a teaching career in their community by facilitating a small class at a local church or recreation center. According to the University of Metaphysical Sciences, many metaphysical graduate students seek careers as facilitators of spiritual workshops or retreats. Another career option is to travel around the country giving professional lectures on metaphysical subjects. Lecturers speak at different venues, including metaphysical centers and expos, colleges and fairs.


If you want to assist others through important events in their lives, consider a profession as a metaphysical minister. Ministers assist people in their community and officiate at different events, including weddings, rites of passages and funerals. They also work as spiritual healers and spiritual counselors. Ministers can be associated with an organized church, or work on their own as freelancers specializing in a particular field. Individuals who are trained ministers may decide to create their own metaphysical church to attend the spiritual needs of the public. Within their own church, ministers give sermons and provide spiritual counseling to their community.


Another type of metaphysical career opportunity is writing. Metaphysical writers have the option of writing books, articles, newsletters, journals, newspapers or electronic media. According to the University of Metaphysical Sciences, people with academic credentials, such as a Ph.D., have a greater potential of having their book published by a metaphysical publisher than authors without credentials. Metaphysical authors write on a variety of topics, such as spirituality, channeling, astrology, acupuncture, naturopathic medicine and psychic phenomena.


Julia Drake has been writing since 2007 when she had her first article published in “The Beltane Papers.” She received her Bachelor of Arts in women studies from the University of Washington. She recently completed her Master of Arts in women’s spirituality at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology.

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