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How to Become a Numerologist

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Numerologists believe that numbers have meaning beyond their use in accounting and science. Numerology is the metaphysical study of numbers used to learn more about who a person is and what his life is about. Numerologists believe that each single number from 0 to 9, has a particular meaning. By assigning a number to each letter in the alphabet, words and names can be enumerated and associated with a meaning. In combination, numbers create a certain set of circumstances that influence our lives. There is no licensing process for a numerologist and many refer to it as a pseudoscience.

Learn the basics. Read and study basic numerology concepts by learning what each of the numbers mean and adding to the knowledge about each number as you become more interested in the ideas presented. Study books written by experts on numerology and numerology articles and topics found on the Internet.

Choose a numerology method and investigate it fully. Numerology is found in many cultures and each culture will have its own method and approach to using the numbers. Study and practice one method before moving on to another to bring a certain level of expertise through repetition. Western numerologists often use the Pythagorean method of numerology but there are those who work with Chaldean and Kabbalistic methods, too. The Eastern tradition of the Vedas, a series of ancient Sanskrit texts, has its own numerical system as well. The Chinese culture uses a system of numerology that ties to Feng Shui and what the Chinese believe are auspicious numbers.

Take a numerology course. Look for a local teacher by visiting metaphysical stores and psychic fairs. Some numerology teachers may offer courses through community centers, continuing education schools and local advertising. One course is not enough to learn everything a numerologist needs to know and finding a teacher that can steep the student in a particular numerology method is helpful.

Get certified as a numerologist. There is no standardization organization for numerology but there are groups that can certify a numerologist on a particular type or method of numerology. Life Path Center in Indianapolis, Indiana, and The International Academy of Numerology are examples of numerology schools offering certification. Becoming certified in a similar area such as dream interpretation, astrology or general metaphysics can help build a numerologist's credentials and convey a level of professionalism and commitment to the public.

Practice numerology. Practice helps a student to learn numerology. Practice what you learn in class on friends and family or choose people from the public arena and learn more about their personal numbers. Purchase a table at a psychic fair and begin creating numerology charts for the public or create a website and offer free or low cost services.

Sell your services. Numerologists can charge by the hour or per the type of chart they offer clients. Charts can be created for a wide variety of events and reasons including a possible business venture, a marriage or the birth of a child. Numerologists can charge what the marketplace dictates. Check local metaphysical stores and online venues selling charts and numerological services to see what others are charging before deciding what your rates are.


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