How to Become an Ordained Metaphysical Minister

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As an ordained metaphysical minister, you can legally give spiritual counsel, readings and all other religious and spiritual duties including performing weddings. You can even set up your own church or temple. Of course you could do all of this without becoming an ordained metaphysical minister, but taking the time to study metaphysics and spirituality and committing yourself to the credo of an established metaphysical institution can serve as commitment to the calling and a sense of community. There are many ordination granting sites on the Internet that will give you a credential that ordains you to practice a metaphysical ministry, but ultimately it is your own drive and understanding of spirituality that will determine your success as an ordained minister of metaphysics. Once you know that you are meant to serve the public as a spiritual leader, follow these easy steps to become an ordained metaphysical minister.

Before undertaking the requirements of becoming an ordained metaphysical minister, explore the many options available. You can become an interfaith minister, an esoteric minister, a Druid or even an ordained metaphysical practitioner.

Decide how much money you want to spend. There are a number of metaphysical ministries that offer ordination and their prices differ greatly. Some organizations offer ordination for no charge at all while some charge thousands of dollars.

Decide how long you want your program to be. Some organizations have programs that take months and even years to complete and have many books of required reading. Other programs can be completed in seconds, simply by agreeing with their policies and signing an online form.

Complete your studies. Most metaphysical ministry programs require that you read a selected list of books and participate in assignments, online discussions and quizzes. You should also read and study anything you want on your own, as a metaphysical minister can practice how he or she sees fit.

Frame your ordination. Congratulations, you are now able to perform weddings and other rites within the community that you wish to serve. You should keep all oaths that you were required to take in order to be ordained as a metaphysical minister.


Unlike established churches and other forms of organized religion, there may not be any job openings immediately available. If you are really interested in pursuing the non-traditional path of becoming an ordained metaphysical minister, you must be prepared to carve your own path.