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How to Manage a DJ

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A DJ manager is a person who books a disc jockey's engagements and events. A DJ manger handles the promoting of a DJ by either hiring a DJ promoter or doing the promoting himself. A DJ manager is the first line of contact for businesses seeking a DJ at their venues. As a DJ manager, you should have customer service skills and organizational skills; you will also have the opportunity to visit different music venues. Being a DJ manager can be entertaining and profitable.

How to be a DJ Manager

Create a DJ agreement that stipulates your duties, responsibilities and how you will be paid. For a fee, you can download a DJ agreement online from websites such as A DJ agreement can help protect both you and the DJ’s best interests.

Have DJ mangers business cards made that you can give out to contacts. Your card should include your contact information and website. For a professional-looking business card, have it created at your local copy center.

Create a professional social website to network with other music professionals. A professional website focuses on business relationships that can help you build music venue contacts. These contacts can help find new opportunities for your DJ to perform. Websites such as offer free networking opportunities.

Create a list of local clubs, lounges, bars and restaurants that allow DJs to play. Visit the establishments to see if the music they allow is the same type of music your DJ spins. When you have a list of venues, obtain the manager's name either by researching online or calling the establishment. Make first contact by email and follow up with an in-person visit. Obtain a mix tape from the DJ or the DJ’s promoter and leave the mix tape CD and your business card with the manager.

Hire a DJ promoter to promote your DJ's events. As a DJ manager, you will book engagements and make business contacts that can leave you with limited time to promote the DJ's events. Meet with the DJ promoter and give him an outline of how you want your DJ to be promoted. Consider having a DJ promoter agreement made.


Marrissa Dean has over four years experience as a website content writer for various websites and over five years experience as an aspiring screenwriter. Dean completed a writing for television and movies course at Richland Community College and has a podcast show where she promotes music artists. Dean has promoted a disc jockey in her local area and currently promotes virtual DJs.

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