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Salary for an Assistant Manager at Wal-Mart

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When you accept a position as assistant manager at Wal-Mart, you're accepting a job that includes a multitude of tasks. In addition to managing a department of people, each with a unique personality and work style, you are responsible for keeping up-to-date sales information for your area, ordering merchandise and even stocking the shelves. While the annual salary won't make you rich, the job will provide you with plenty of opportunity to prove yourself.

Annual Income

The median average income for a Wal-Mart assistant manager is $22 per hour, or $45,760 a year. In addition, you have access to health benefits and a company match of stock purchases. There is a small employee discount given on purchases you make in the store.


Assistant managers are eligible for annual bonuses based on performance. At time of publication, those bonuses are averaging $3,600 per year.


In addition to the company matching a portion of your Wal-Mart stock purchases, it also awards some assistant managers with nominal stock bonuses in the $300 range.


You need not hold a college degree in order to become an assistant manager at Wal-Mart. In fact, you can build the foundation of a career upon your experience as assistant manager. If you are able to use the position to illustrate your leadership ability, it can become a springboard to other positions within the company.


According to Career Leak, a web site that offers an insider's view of specific career fields, work conditions at Wal-Mart can be challenging. The company mandates that continual training and OSHA standards be rigorously adhered to. You must manage a rotating-door of employees, many of whom are unhappy with their jobs. You'll be expected to lift heavy boxes, to stand for hours and to pitch in when anyone else needs help.