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What Are the Roles & Responsibilities for Customer Relations Management?

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Customer relations management is a kind of strategy that businesses use to make their processes more efficient and affordable. The objective of all customer relations management strategies is to pinpoint exactly what individual customers or specific demographics of customers want, this way a company can increase sales. In most customer relations management strategies, systems are put in place that require customer management software, training of employees and streamlining of processes. If successful, this strategy enables every professional who communicates with clients to customize service and increase sales.

Information Management

A key component of customer relations management is the integration of data and software. Administrators organize client information so that all customer service representatives and sales staff can access this information. The kind of software used by a company depends largely on its size and needs. A company with a large sales team, for example, might provide customer data apps for team members, while smaller companies might have more limited in-house systems.

Application to Customer Service Staff

Customer relations management is only successful if customer service and sales reps are properly trained to access and use the information. All professionals who come in contact with customers should have information that allows them to highlight features that are relevant to their individual needs. Not only does this allow reps to better serve their clients, but it also gives them an opportunity to cross-sell or up-sell items, thereby increasing profits.

Prioritize Sales Opportunities

By focusing on the collecting and analyzing of customer data, customer relations management enables sales managers to determine where they should be putting most of their attention. Some software might even assign point value to individual leads or clients. They can learn about which groups or individual clients spend the most money and which products or services are most likely to pique their interest. This can help marketing professionals learn where to direct advertising. It also can help a company redirect its big picture strategies.

Social Networking

Customer relations management often incorporates strategies for networking with customers directly. Since many people use social networking sites for personal and business interests, it only makes sense that customer relations would enter this arena. This strategy allows a company to improve its image in a more personal way. It also can enable a company to collect new kinds of customer data that it otherwise would not have access to. Instead of collecting only sales numbers, this kind of customer relations management helps a company to learn about other interests and tastes their contacts have.