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Duties of a Client Relations Specialist

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A client relations specialist is typically found in a company that sells products or services. This person is in charge of dealing with the client. The main aim of a client relations specialist is to keep the customer happy with the company and to promote referrals. In smaller companies, a client relations specialist may also sell products or services to the customer, while in larger companies a client relations specialist may deal only with customer issues.

Client Inquiries

A client relations specialist is the customer's gateway for information about a company's product or service. Client relations specialists are knowledgeable and experienced in the services and products a company offers and can answer any question a client has. A relations specialist should not only answer questions about a particular product or service, but also give clients instructions on how to use a product or specifics on how a service gets completed.

Customer Satisfaction

A client relations specialist is a mediator between the company and the client. In the event a customer is unhappy with a product, it is the duty of a client relations specialist to discuss the issues the customer has and work quickly to resolve them. Client relations specialists do not just deal with unhappy customers, but it is the job of a relations specialist to contact customers after purchase of a product or completion of a service to make sure the customer is fully satisfied. Keeping in contact with the customer can increase the chances the customer will refer the company to another source or use the company again in the future.

Company Sales

In some company settings, a client relations specialist will sell products or services directly. In larger companies, a client relations specialist finds sales opportunities, researches new customer demographics and generates sales leads to give to sales departments. Client relations specialists will create how-to advice for handling potential and current customers as well as create customer-service training plans to make sure sales team members are up-to-date on proper customer relations.

Company Improvement

A client relations specialist should constantly analyze a company's sales techniques, delivery options and management of materials for improvement. Recommendations are then made on how to improve sales and increase customer service based on feedback from customers themselves. Client relations specialists should conduct frequent feedback surveys or satisfaction surveys with potential and new clients to compile data on how well the company is doing in customer satisfaction.


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