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The Role of a Public Relations Representative in Fashion

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A public relations representative in fashion often works closely with celebrities and high-end fashion designers. As a fashion publicist, he establishes and maintains a positive public image for the apparel company that is his employer or client. He formulates publicity operations to capture the public’s attention and promote the brand.

Managing Communication

The apparel industry focuses on communicating fashion through media formats, events and promotions. The public relations representative is responsible for proper communication between the organization and its environment. For example, he may schedule an annual general meeting for all the business stakeholders to update them on the business’s performance over the past year. As a professional, he should be able to understand creative ideas and develop effective presentation skills.

Promoting the Product

The fashion publicist is always in the search for ways of getting a larger market for her company’s products. She communicates with editors and celeb stylists to know about their fashion expectations. The professional helps organize fashion shows to launch a new apparel line. She also attends designer product launches and fashion trade shows. She might organize a designers’ party to publicize the product. On top of interacting with socialites and top magazine fashion editors, she sets aside a lot of time to address all areas of media and fashion.

Establishing Links

As a public relations representative in fashion, you are responsible for establishing and maintaining strong relationships with bloggers, journalists, opinion leaders and the public. As the company’s spokesperson, you are responsible for keeping in touch with everyone associated with the organization. You take advantage of social media sites such as Facebook and Pinterest to improve engagement with both retailers and consumers.

Handling Complaints

The fashion publicist maintains a solid affiliation with the press. She responds to questions arising from the media, and attends to any issues involving her client's products. She may have to provide explanations regarding wrong or late shipments, delayed payments to distributors, spoiled merchandise and any other problems in the industry. She must listen to the complaints arising from all directions and either redirect or deal with the issues herself.


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