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What Does a Celebrity's Public Relations Representative Do?

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It takes just one drunken escapade to turn Oscar buzz into a career gone up in flames for Hollywood’s A-list actors. A good public relations representative knows this and how to smooth over controversies to keep a positive spotlight on his client. He has media contacts and makes smart recommendations on which products his client should endorse. And he knows his way around cyberspace.

Crisis Management

When your client’s reputation is at stake due to a misstep or other problem, it’s your job to control the damage. John Hay Publicity of Los Angeles promises to swoop in quickly in the event of a crisis. He advises prospective clients to bite their tongues and let him craft the appropriate response to any controversial allegations. There are monetary, political and legal ramifications to any scandal, and a good PR representative knows what words to put into the mouth of an angry celebrity. A PR representative is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For John Hay, crisis management service cost $750 an hour in 2013.

Booking Apperances and Interviews

You need to get your celebrity noticed, and that means interviews with major print, Internet and broadcast media outlets. The Indra Public Relations firm in New York has had clients interviewed by "The New York Times," "Chicago Sun-Times," Yahoo Sports and Fox News. To get interviews, you need to know how to pitch a story and have contacts in the media industry. You’re also responsible for selecting the right red carpet appearances and booking them. Uproar Public Relations of Orlando, Florida, books press tours and schedules appearances at trade shows for its celebrity clients.

Promoting a Brand and Products

You also need to promote your celebrity’s product line. Alison Brod Public Relations of New York counts among its achievements the seven-day turnaround of a campaign to promote Martha Stewart’s endorsement of a sewing machine. She brought in major media outlets from across the country and secured an interview with Stewart for "TIME" magazine. Branding goes beyond products to the clients themselves. Celebrity PR representatives must write news releases. Uproar Public Relations conducts marketing studies for its clients to pick the right media outlets and make sure the correct message is directed to the correct demographic.

Social Media and Blogging

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are quick ways to reach millions of people, and a good celebrity PR representative maximizes this opportunity to promote a star. Indra and Uproar both offer social media services to celebrity clients. The representatives can proofread, assist or write messages on behalf of celebrities. The Alison Brod agency emphasizes the importance of celebrity blogs, another inexpensive way to reach a target audience. Good celebrity PR representatives pause before clicking “send.” One accidentally emailed out a list of celebrities who declined invitations to a Fashion Week event and suffered embarrassing consequences.


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