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Resume Objectives for Food Service

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Because people have to, and like to, eat, the food service industry will thrive. The employment of people in this industry is expected to increase 12 percent between 2010 and 2020, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you seek to capture one of the ever-increasing number of jobs in this industry, a well-composed resume might be necessary. When writing your resume, don’t underestimate the importance of your objective. By composing a well-structured, industry-tailored objective, you can demonstrate both your knowledge of the food service industry and your appropriateness as a candidate.


Placing a vague objective atop your resume is worse than leading with no objective at all. Instead of stating in your resume that you seek a position in the all-too-broad food service industry, state more concisely and specifically that you desire employment in a restaurant, for instance. If you apply for a food service job in a different type of venue, such as a nursing home, change the niche you have listed to this new venue. While continually modifying this statement will require a bit of attention to detail and dedication, the benefits of a specific objective make any time investment well worth it.

Functional Skills-Focused

You may have specialized skills that others applying may not, so use your objective section to showcase them. Start your objective with a concise explanation of the job type you seek, then conclude with a list of these skills, recommends the University at Buffalo Career Development Center. If you have years of bartending and waitressing experience, for example, write a statement like, “Seeking a position in a fast-paced restaurant environment where I can utilize my waitressing and bartending skills to increase customer satisfaction.”


Some food service work doesn’t require much specialized training, and hiring teams often have the opportunity to pick from a large pool of potential candidates. To make your resume stand out from the throng, tailor your objective to the position you are seeking. Try, for instance, including the name of the restaurant or venue for which you are applying in the objective itself, or including distinctive goals that you know you could achieve at that location. For instance, if applying at a restaurant that specializes in vegan cuisine, include a desire to become more familiar with this specialized food type in your objective.

Credentials Included

Though most food service jobs don’t require specialized certifications, if you possess any industry-related credentials, mentioning them in the objective is an effective way to put them front and center. If you have been trained in ServSafe practices -- procedures that are designed to promote safe food handling -- specifically state that you wish to use your ServSafe skills to ensure food safety and satisfy customers. Because many applicants will not possess specialized certifications, mentioning these can make you an obvious choice.