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The Resume Format for a Sales Executive

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As an applicant for a sales executive position you must have a stellar resume. Your resume is often the first impression that a prospective employer has of your skills, education and accomplishments. Before you submit your resume for a sales executive opening, you should make sure that it follows a concise, easy-to-read format that draws attention to the most important information about you.

Contact Information

The first section of your resume should always be your contact information. If the employer doesn't have your correct information he can't contact you for an interview. Make sure that your name, address, telephone number and email address are the first items listed. Your name should be listed on a line by itself in a larger or bold font than the rest of your contact information. The remaining contact information can be placed on a single line below your name with each segment separated by a bullet point.

Skip the Summary

A typical resume format may include a summary or skills section. When applying for a sales executive position, this section is unnecessary and takes up valuable real estate at the top of your resume that can be better put to use showcasing your accomplishments in sales. List your most impressive sales accomplishments in quantifiable terms on the top and left of your resume, under your contact information. If you feel the need to include a summary section, limit it to one to two sentences.

Company Names

Who you've worked for in sales is just as important, or perhaps more important, than the positions that you've held. Evaluate the names of the companies where you've worked, especially Fortune 500 companies or otherwise well known and respected ones. Make sure that you put the name of the company above your position when listing your work experience. If you have any prestigious clients, you should also list their names if the information is not confidential.

Quantifiable Skills

Prospective employers want to know what you can do as a sales executive. This means that when you're writing your job description and listing your accomplishments you need to use specific numbers and examples rather than generic descriptions. If you made a $500,000 single sale, include the exact number of the sale and who the client was. Using quantifiable examples lets the prospective employer know precisely what your skills and accomplishments were in previous positions. It also gives him a way to measure your potential contribution to the company's profits.


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