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How to List Sales Accomplishments on a Resume

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Accomplishments tell others what you are capable of; sales accomplishments shows employers you can make them money. Give potential employers a taste of what you can do for them by expressing past sales accomplishments in direct, objective and measurable terms that will excite them. Well-written sales accomplishments, listed with your job duties, can help you sell yourself and land the job.


List your sales achievements using numbers that show perspective. Use percentages or ratios. State the sales goal or objective, state the action you took and state the outcome using numbers. Provide any baseline numbers an employer needs to understand the difference you made. Tell the employer the percentage by which you exceeded the sales goal, the number of units you sold or the exact dollar amount you sold.


Word your accomplishments using simple, easy-to-understand language. Avoid industry jargon. Only include those sales accomplishments relevant to the employer. Explain awards you received in terms all employers can understand, not simply by title. For example, if your company awarded the top annual sales performer with the Gold Star Award, tell the employer what the award means. To make your accomplishments stand out, only list the ones that are sure to impress. A cluttered resume swimming with mediocre accomplishments risks drowning out the stellar ones.


Tailor your resume and the sales accomplishments you list based on the employer. Different employers value different things. Every salesperson should understand this and know how to do this well. Your resume is no different. Research the employer or company if you do not know its mission or culture. Write your sales accomplishments in a style that encompasses that company's climate -- use verbs that send the right message. For example, if the company is highly service-oriented, explain your sales accomplishments in a way that equates sales with service.


You may have more sales accomplishments than you realize.You can brainstorm for some by thinking about past employers and any objectives or goals they set for you. The skills you used to meet the objective may be sales-related. Express your accomplishments accurately and provide detail so the employer knows what you did. For example, specify if you increased revenue, retained customers or accounts or sold new products.


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