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How to Describe Your Professional Experience On Your Resume

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Employers want to know that you can bring results to the job, so use your resume to describe your professional experience beyond your specific day-to-day responsibilities. Use action verbs to describe accomplishments on the job.

Provide the name of the employer and the location where you worked.

Put your start date and end date for each position. If you're still working there, indicate this by writing your start date and "present."

Use your functional title to describe what you do for your employer such as "Business Analyst" or "Project Manager." Your title should be easily recognizable to employers.

Each description should be presented in a bulleted format. Write your most impressive accomplishment first. Don't just state responsibilities; Show what you did, how you did it and what the result was. Use words such as "managed," "created," and "developed" to describe what you have done.

Use numbers when you can to show measurable results. For example, "Saved the company $15,000 one year by developing a new system."

  • Always start with an action verb.
  • Always speak in the past tense unless your current job
  • Use as many technical words for your industry as you can
  • Don't embelish
  • Do not go overbored with the wording or make the professional experience too extensive. Give the reader a taste of your experience and make them want to call you in for more. However, give them the niddy griddy details.

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