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How to Write a Letter of Intent for a Promotion

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When applying for a promotion within a company, many employers require you to submit a letter of intent. A letter of intent is similar to a cover letter but more detailed, providing not only a summary of your qualifications but also a detailed description of your accomplishments and career goals.

State your intention to apply for the promotion. Begin your letter by naming the position for which you intend to apply. If you work for a large company, also list your current department and position.

Outline your qualifications. Your first paragraph should include basic information, such as your education, work history and any professional licenses you hold. This will let your employer know that you meet the general requirements for the job.

Emphasize your accomplishments. Talk about what you’ve done for the company since arriving there. Be specific about your performance levels. Use numbers, such as how much revenue you’ve generated, how many clients you handle, and awards and commendations you’ve received on the job. This is your chance to show that you deserve the promotion.

Explain why you want the job. Take a paragraph to talk about why you wish to be promoted and what you will bring to that position. Talk about your future plans and career goals, and how this new position would fit in with them.

Talk about what you will bring to the company. End your letter with a paragraph about why the company would benefit by promoting you. Keep in mind ways you can help the company save money, earn more revenue and project a good public image.


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