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How to Create a Proposal for a Promotion

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Creating a proposal for a promotion isn't as difficult as you may think. Most employers are willing to discuss the possibility of promoting you, as long as they have the resources necessary for compensation and agree that you deserve to take on more responsibilities. A proposal for your own promotion doesn't have to follow a particular format, although it should be professional looking and typed. It's usually best to present the proposal to your boss or superiors in person, although it might be appropriate to e-mail a copy of the proposal to them as well.

Write the Intro

Write an introductory paragraph that clearly defines what position you have now and what position you would like to have. If the position you want does not exist at your company, define what new role you could fulfill and offer a suggested title for the position. For example, if you see there is a need for a public relations coordinator at your company, state this in simple terms.

List Your Qualifications

List the accomplishments and reasons that qualify you for the promotion. These can be in bullet-point form or paragraph form. Explain how you are not only meeting the requirements of your current job title, but how you are exceeding expectations and would like the opportunity to take on more responsibilities. Include noteworthy achievements such as a big sale or winning an important client. In this section, remind your boss how long you have been doing your current job and how you have grown in the position since you started. Cite any company policies about promotions, as well. For example, your contract might state that you're qualified for a promotion after a certain number of years in a position.

Explain Your Reasons

List reasons why you think you can handle the responsibilities of the promotion. For example, if the promotion would require more face time with clients, remind your boss how well you are currently performing in client meetings or how competent you are at giving company presentations.

Acknowledge that you want to become a better asset for the company. Although you may want the promotion for reasons like money or status, it's important to convey that you also want the promotion because you're invested in the welfare of the company. Convey your dedication and commitment to the company's goals and explain how the promotion could help you assist with furthering them.

Do the Math

Numbers carry weight for any business decision. If you have figures to show that promoting you will benefit the company financially, put them in your proposal. For example, if you want a sales management position, showing how much sales will probably increase as a result will help your argument.

Close With an Opening

Include a closing paragraph that indicates your desire to discuss the subject further in person. This allows you to omit certain questions about salary or the date you might receive the promotion, since these types of details should be discussed in person with your boss.


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