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How to Write a Letter to Explaining Why You Want a Job

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To ensure you are the right fit for a job, an employer may ask you to include a cover letter with your application explaining why you want the job. All of your reasons should go in your letter, which should also reveal your qualifications for the position. If your reasons and qualifications coincide with the employer’s needs, the hiring manager may move you to the next step of the hiring process.

Confirm Your Decision

Before you begin the letter, thoroughly read the job description and research the company. Consider factors that contribute to your interest in the position, such as job duties and opportunities for advancement. Also take into account the company’s mission statement, culture, reputation and geographic location. Then, confirm that you want the job. You must be satisfied with what the position offers to be able to explain effectively why you want the job.

Apply Enthusiasm

Start the letter with a compelling sentence that reveals your enthusiasm. You could say, for example, “It is with great interest that I’m applying for the billing specialist position with ABC Company.” Let the employer know how you discovered the position, and connect it to your reason for applying. You might say, “After reading the job description for the position in The Daily News Journal, I feel I am the perfect fit for this role.”

Explain Your Qualifications

Approach the letter from the employer’s perspective. In the body of the letter, let the employer know what you can do for the company instead of what you stand to gain. For example, you could mention how you consistently helped improve company revenue in your previous position.

Emphasize Your Accomplishments

You might create another paragraph in the body of the text to give one or two specific examples of your accomplishments. The examples should relate to the position for which you are applying. For instance, mention that in an effort to keep departmental budget on track, you devised a record-keeping concept that saved the company approximately $1,500 per month.

Work Around Having No Experience

If you do not have any experience for the job in question, include related past experiences that you can think of. This might include volunteer activities, involvement in membership organizations, academic or sports achievements, or odd jobs. Link these experiences to the employer’s interests and objectives. For a sales or advertising position, for instance, you might mention a sports achievement since you need a healthy competitive spirit for the job.

Close the Letter

The end of your letter should reiterate why you want the job, what you want to happen next and the steps you will take. Politely state that you would like the opportunity to be interviewed so you can discuss the position and your qualifications some more. Inform the employer that if you do not receive a response by a specific date, you will call to try to schedule an interview. Be sure to enclose your resume. Thank the employer for her time and consideration, and mention that you look forward to speaking with her.


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