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How to Build a Sales Portfolio

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Sales portfolios are a great way to impress potential bosses by gathering all your important sales history into one document. A portfolio allows you to showcase your work by combining your resume, statistics, references and lists of awards all in one organized, easy-to-read report. Enclose all this information in a slick report cover, and potential employers are sure to be impressed by your organization and forethought.

Using the word processing software, create a resume that lists your name, address, contact information, eduction and work history in reverse-chronological order. Use the sample resumes at as examples when creating your own resume.

Insert a page break after the resume. This is usually done by selecting "Insert" and "Page Break."

List any special training, skills or additional education that wasn't listed on your resume.

List any awards or accolades that you have won, such as special industry recognition or employee of the month awards.

List impressive sales data, such as the number of times and by how much you have exceeded your quota and any important clients that you have brought to previous companies.

Insert a page break.

Create a chart in your word processing software of any steady increases in your sales over several years or any other measurable numbers, such as repeat customers or your share of sales in past companies as compared with average sales representatives' share of sales. Charts are usually created in word processing software by clicking "Insert" and "Chart" and then entering data as prompted.

Insert a page break.

Ask past managers for letters or emails of recommendation, and insert them into the document in this area.

Insert a page break.

Include a business plan that applies to the position you are aiming for, if you have written one. If you don't feel that you have strong, developed ideas to present, leave this part out.

Insert a page break.

List references, including past bosses, supervisors and coworkers.

Print the document.

Align the papers into the three-hole punch and punch holes in the paper.

Thread the brads from the report cover through the three holes in the paper.


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