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Resume Format for Hotel Management

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

General managers of hotels ensure the facility offers quality services to guests, and they assist in marketing the property to draw in those visitors. They also play a key role in promoting the hotel's mission to all of their employees. A high school diploma or equivalent is usually required for these positions, as well as typically a two or four-year degree in the field. Whether to choose a chronological or functional resume for a hotel manager resume depends on where the strengths of the applicant lies. When there is solid work history, a chronological resume fits well; functional formats more easily mask gaps in employment because they focus more on skills than specific dates. Either format can include similar basic sections.


One section of the hotel manager's resume can include skills you have for the job. In this section, point out specific qualities that are desirable in this position, such as success in ensuring customer satisfaction and feats as a leader in the hotel business. List the years of experience you have handling certain issues in the hospitality industry, such as filling open positions. You can also supply more detailed information about the experience portion of your resume. For example, a line could read, "Gained managerial experience while moving up from assistant to general manager at ABC hotel for five years."


A hotel manager's resume can also feature an area reserved for specific accomplishments in the hospitality field. Awards, designations and achievements are listed in this portion. One such accomplishment that can be listed in this section is overcoming challenges in a previous position. An acknowledgment such as, "Determined the number of staff needed to start a new hotel prior to opening," is one such achievement that can be stated. Addressing issues such as setting up emergency procedures at a previous hotel would work in this section as well.

Professional Experience

One part of a hotel manager's resume is designated for citing related experience. For a chronologically formatted resume, this section will likely end up being the most emphasized. It is best to tailor the resume specifically to the past experience in hospitality. A heading such as, "Hospitality Experience" could be used. Under that title, list in bullet points the previous experience gained in the field. Note the prior company's name and years you worked there, along with the dates of employment. Hotel-related activities conducted at each job are also listed here, such as planning banquets, training new hotel employees and hitting sales goals.


A hotel manager's resume can also include a section describing previous education. In this area, list diplomas and degrees obtained, such as a college degree or high school diploma. It is also advantageous to list specific hospitality training in this area. Continuing-education classes completed in the field can be noted here. If you've completed certifications such as becoming a Certified Meeting Professional, or any other designation that relates to the hospitality industry, include it here.