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Questions About Goal Setting to Ask Yourself

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Whether you are trying to move forward in your personal life or your business life, setting goals can help keep you on track. Goals not only give you a target to aim at but help you to refocus when you are no longer sure about why or what you are doing. Asking yourself some questions before setting your goals can help create a straight path to get you to where you want to go.

What Can I Accomplish That Will Make Me Feel Good About Myself?

Tom Mendoza writes in a Forbes article that he believes in setting goals that make you feel good about yourself. His theory is that this both lifts you up and creates a personal feedback loop that ultimately changes your life. You not only begin to act differently, but you begin to carry yourself differently as well.

What Do I Want?

If you haven't reached the goals you have set for yourself in the past, it may be because you weren't certain about what you really wanted. Make your goals as specific as you can. Your subconscious mind works harder to get the results you desire when you use specific goals rather than general ones. If you want to change jobs, decide on a specific type of job you want rather than making a generalized statement that your goal is to simply find a different job.

Why Do I Want It?

Checking in with your own feelings allows you to dig deep and discover why you want to achieve a goal. If you are trying to reach the goal for someone else, it may not be what you truly want. It is often difficult to achieve a goal for someone else, and you may actually find that your goal is not what you really desire. Make a point to be honest with yourself to determine what it is that you really want.

What Is the Time Period to Achieve My Goal?

Self-help and motivational speaker Brian Tracy states that, for a goal to be achievable, it must have a definite start and stop point. As an example, if you wish to lose weight and simply state that your goal is to lose weight, you do not have a measurable goal. When you place the goal into a specific time frame, however, you can measure how you are progressing and re-evaluate what you are doing as you move closer to your goal date.

Why Have I Not Already Achieved My Goal?

Determining why you have not reached a goal in the past is an important step in changing your life pattern. Most people fail at their goal attempts because they lack a skill, body of knowledge or quality within themselves. Once you realize what it is that is holding you back, you can then work to attain the necessary skills, information or knowledge that you need.


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