How to Set Development Goals

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Setting developmental goals allows you to define what you want to achieve within a specific period of time. Those who are lacking direction or not using their full potential can particularly benefit from setting developmental goals. Clearly defined goals increase self-confidence and give you motivation to strive for success. The direction that goal-setting provides increases your likelihood of achievement.

Be specific. Do not be vague when setting developmental goals. Decide exactly what you want to achieve in your personal and professional life and figure out exactly how you plan to achieve it. Specific goals allow you to visualize what you are striving for and measure the actions that you are taking toward reaching them.

Set realistic goals. When you set unrealistic, unachievable goals, failure is inevitable. Be honest with yourself when setting goals by making sure that your goals are achievable. Take the time to set goals that you can visualize achieving.

Write your goals down, so that they become tangible. The ability to see and touch your written goals makes them more than just a thought in your mind. Carry the written goal list around with you. This will motivate you throughout the day and will allow you to revisit your goals often.

Revise and update your goals. While you're working toward your goals, a life event may occur that will require you to change them. Do not hesitate to change your goals when necessary. Update your goals regularly and change specific details to keep them attainable.


Work toward your goals daily. Those who are serious about their goals take daily actions toward achieving them.

Once you reach your goals, set new ones. This is a method that many successful individuals use to achieve throughout their lives.


Not everyone will be supportive of your goals or understand them. Be selective when deciding with whom to share your goals. Only share them with those who will support you.