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How to Achieve Objectives

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Leaning how to achieve your goals and objectives is at the heart of reaching your dreams. Even if your objective is to win the lottery, your plan must include buying a lottery ticket (at the very least). You may also have goals and objectives for the health or well being of your family. While hope can provide the energy and the desire to reach you goals, it takes careful planning to reach your goals. If you find yourself making little to no progress in achieving your goals, the following formula will help.

Get clear on what you want. The more specific your goals are, the easier they are to achieve. If you cannot articulate what it is you want, it will be difficult to ask others to help. If you want to be a millionaire, start off by setting a goal to save $10,000 in a certain period of time. If your goal is to be thin, set a goal to lose 10 pounds in two months.

Burn your ships. There's an ancient story about a battle commander who burned all of his troop's ships once they landed. The message: there's no tuning back now. Committing yourself emotionally is easier said than done and may require a level of self discipline you are not comfortable with; however, attaining you goals is well worth the effort.

Tell the world. There's nothing like telling the world about your goals to hold you accountable. Tell your family, tell your co-workers, tell your religious family, tell your neighbors. The more people you have, the more advocates you will have. These advocates will also help to keep you honest should you falter on Step 2.

Keep a journal. Writing something down is a simple, yet powerful tool to help visualizing the achievement of your objectives and goals. Write down your goal with all the details of a picture. What are the colors and shapes; what does it feel like to have reached your goal? Write it all down.

Create milestones. Milestones should be actionable, achievable and focused solely on your goal. They should also be committed to a specific time frame.

Take a step every day. You should take steps to achieve your goal every day. The more often you try to achieve, the more you can train your mind to achieve. If you want to write a novel, write at least a paragraph every day. If you're trying to learn another language, learn a new word every day.

Celebrate. Don't forget to reward yourself for achieving milestones. If your goal is to run a marathon, and you just finished running your first mile, have a celebration and tell the world! This will affirm your objectives and help to build a ritual around success. It will also help to recommit yourself to achieving your ultimate objectives.


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