Questions to Ask During a Follow Up Call After an Interview

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After an interview, you will have feelings from excitement to anxiety as you wait to know if your potential employer has chosen you as a new employee. When you head home and replay the interview in your head, you may think about things you or the hiring manager said and reconsider how you positioned yourself. Even after following up with a thank-you note, reaching out again will show your motivation to win the position. Use the contact information provided by the hiring manager to call with questions about your application and next steps for the process.

Application Status

Ask about the status of your application. It will be natural for you to wonder about your standing as an applicant. The hiring manager will likely encourage you to contact him or her with more questions. Calling a week later for this purpose will assert your continued interest in the position.

Additional Candidate Questions

Ask a follow-up question of a topic discussed during the interview with a different angle from the interview discussion. Research the topic when you get home and think of more considerations the employer may have about it. Anticipate potential answers to your question and develop a response that will further position you as a good applicant for the position. Share your analysis of the position compared to others you have interviewed for and express your desire to work for the hiring manager.

Next Steps and Timeline

Ask about the next steps and timeline for the placement process. Whether it is a second interview next week or a final decision in a month, it is important for you to know what point you are in the timeline to ensure you are prepared for the next milestone. Also, as you apply to and interview for positions in other companies, understanding the milestones for each job placement will help as you make decisions in your job-hunting strategy.

Application Improvement

If you are informed that you are no longer a candidate, ask for ways you can improve your application to be more successful in your job search. Maybe there was a perceived lack of preparation, an unexplained gap in your experience or a weakness in your skill set. Also, ask if you can stay in touch in case there are opportunities in the company that you may qualify for in the future.