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Online Pet Massage Certification

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In 2011, it is difficult to find online pet massage certification courses, but it's not impossible. Because very few veterinary colleges offer this type of training online, in most cases animal enthusiasts preparing for a clinical career in animal care will be required to complete certification exams in a hands-on setting in the physical presence of real animals and instructors. On the bright side, if you are interested in distance learning pet massage certification, you can complete a considerable amount of your training online prior to your final exams.

Combination Courses--Human and Animal Massage

If you have an interest in both the human and animal anatomies, the Ojai School of Massage Online Education program can quench your thirst for knowledge in both categories and provide certification as well. The course is offered for free to all who visit the webpage through links to documents used by on-site class members. To receive online tutoring and participate in virtual classrooms, you must enroll in the certification class for $100. You may complete the entire course online, however a "hands-on" certification exam must be performed on-site.

Canine Massage

Dog lovers who wish to limit their topic of study to canines can complete a full online course in canine massage by enrolling in the "E-Training for Dogs" canine massage program. The online program includes three required courses for certification. The first course focuses on canine anatomy and physiology. The second tier of training is the introduction to canine massage--an 18-hour course. The third and final course addresses advanced canine massage methods for specialized skills and lasts 15 hours. The entire program--including final exams--can be completed online and includes six hours of homework and review.

Horse Massage

Horse owners and enthusiasts interested in learning horse massage therapy can get head starts on their full certification--which requires an on-site presence--by enrolling in distance learning certification for the preliminary chapters. Equinology Inc. offers a wide variety of horse massage training programs and some of them can be completed online. In 2011, the first phase of horse massage education begins with "Introduction to Equine Massage & Bodywork" and includes 100 hours of study in horse anatomy, veterinary terminology, the muscular and skeletal systems, palpating bony landmarks and surface anatomy. The online course and final exam are free of charge, but you are required to pay a $20 processing fee to receive certification.

Advanced Training

Some animal massage institutes offer multiple levels of pet massage training. The Northwest School Of Animal Massage offers three distance learning courses that can be completed online at your own pace. Each of the courses--Maintenance Massage, Performance Massage and Rehabilitation Massage for Animals--include online personal instruction and 150 credit hours. Once completed, you must attend a five-day, on-site practical course in "hands-on" animal massage to receive your certification. Study topics include animal anatomy and physiology, first aid, behavior and massage techniques.


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