Modeling Opportunities in Houston

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Contrary to popular opinion, plenty of modeling opportunities exist outside of New York City. You may be less likely to make a living as a model and you may have to diversify, but work can even be found in Houston, Texas. Assignments in fashion and commercial print, runway, catalog and promotional modeling are abundant.

Live Fashion Work

Houston's department stores, and its smaller boutiques and clothing shops, use local models for fashion shows and more intimate trunk shows. There are even opportunities to do informal modeling, which involves casually mixing with potential customers at events where food and drinks are typically served. Informal modeling allows consumers to see garments up close and to ask questions about them. As an informal model, you will be briefed on information relative to clothing design, fabrication and pricing before the start of the event. Though you can certainly approach department stores on your own, an agency will be able to ensure you are paid standard Houston rates for any work you perform.

Fashion Print

Clothing manufacturers in the Houston area also have a need for catalog models. Some produce catalogs once a year, others do so seasonally. The way into this type of modeling is to secure representation with a legitimate Houston-area agency. Look at Houston agency websites and phone or email them to see whether they book catalog work. Less frequently, stores may hire local models for local newspaper or magazine advertising. These jobs are also procured via a professional agency.

Commercial Print / Lifestyle Modeling

More and more companies and ad agencies are looking for everyday people for website, brochure, billboard and other vehicles. In Houston, an elite circle of photographers are typically hired to shoot these ads. You can try making yourself known to these industry professionals and dropping off your zed card with them. However, states Colette Cole of First Models and Talent Agency of the Woodlands, "I don't recommend trying to get into (commercial print work) on your own." Agencies such as First Models not only have relationships with talent buyers, they may be able to ensure better pay for any jobs that arise.

Promotional / Trade Show Work

Because Houston is a smaller market than, for instance, Chicago, agencies that handle commercial print and fashion work also procure promotional, trade show and event assignments for their roster. In Houston, you may be sent to promote a product or service to customers in a retail outlet or at an outdoor event. Trade shows, commonly held at such venues as Houston Reliant Park Centre and the George R. Brown Convention Center, may involve staffing a booth for a client, handing out literature, registering conference attendees or ensuring the smooth flow of foot traffic through the venue.