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The Best Jobs for a Career Change

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Changing careers can be daunting, especially if you've invested considerable time and money in your current career. But if you're unhappy in your field or dread going to work every day, it might be time to take the plunge. While you're trying to choose the next career field that's right for you, research which career options are friendliest for people changing direction midstream. Make sure your career choice is open to new applicants who have job experience in different fields and aren't fresh out of college.

Adjunct Professors Teach What They Know

If you've worked for many years in your industry and developed expertise in your field, you might not want to give up all that work entirely. Adjunct professors teach as universities need them, rather than signing on for a full-time, long-term contract. Some professors may just sign on to teach for a semester, while others may teach several courses at a time. The big plus is that you get to teach what you know, so you're not switching to a completely new field.

Consultants Utilize Their Expertise

A consultant is another career you can switch to that doesn't require moving into a completely new field, but also provides variety and change. Instead of working full time in one company, consultants work on contract, advising multiple businesses at once. Consultants can begin by offering expertise to start-up businesses who need advice from more seasoned professionals.

Health Care Industry is Growing

The healthcare field is booming. In 2011, CNN Money reported that the healthcare industry was projected to be adding more than 3 million jobs before 2020. In 2012, AARP reported that physical therapists alone were expected to increase employment by 39 percent before 2020. The healthcare boom means that many types of experts will be in high demand, whether you're a financial planner, a communications expert or an administrative assistant.

Social Sectors Help You Find Meaning

If you've been toiling away behind a cubicle and now you're looking for a new career that will give deeper meaning to your life, consider working in the social sector. This includes working for nonprofits, education and even governmental agencies. Find a cause that you're passionate about. For example, if you want to save animals, consider working for a no-kill pet shelter. If you love the environment, consider jobs that support sustainable living. Sites such as can even match your passion with social sector jobs.