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Free Training Materials for CNA

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A certified nursing assistant career calls for dedication. Most states require that CNAs complete a training course and pass both a written and practical exam with their state's Board of Nursing. Costly training materials are not necessary when studying to become a CNA. A variety of free training materials can be found online.

Online Video Lessons

A total of 80 free online video lessons are on the Wisconsin Technical College System's website. These video lessons demonstrate how to perform essential nursing assistant functions, including bed making, taking blood pressure, taking a temperature and assisting with personal hygiene. Other lessons, such as assisting patients in meeting their spiritual needs, recording patient information and understanding neurological disorders also are available.

Flash Cards

A variety of terms and abbreviations must be memorized to be a successful CNA. Flash cards can help you memorize this essential material. Create your own flash cards with index cards, or utilize free online programs such as Flashcard Machine. Alternatively, you can utilize pre-made flash cards available online.

Practice Test

The written exam required to obtain a CNA license in most states can be a stressful exam. Practicing with an online test can be a beneficial way to practice answering the types of questions that will likely appear on your exam. The Illinois Nurse Aide Testing website offers a free online practice test that is similar to the exam that is required of CNA applicants to pass in most states.


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