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Ideas for a Corporate Fitness Challenge

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Effective corporate wellness programs can return $3 for every dollar spent, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Because a majority of health issues -- such as smoking and heart disease -- can be tied to an employee's lifestyle, workplace programs that improve employees' quality of life also help the company's bottom line. Motivate workers to go for a run, hit the gym and snack a bit more consciously with corporate fitness challenges.

Let Go of Stress

Promote general stress-release habits by educating your employees and offering incentives. For example, offer a department a free healthy lunch at the end of the week if all team members take at least a half-hour lunch break for the first four days. Or reward employees with points for getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Allow employees to redeem points for prizes or incentives, such as exercise equipment or additional time off.

Get Moving

Create teams of walkers, hikers, joggers and cyclists to compete against one another and improve overall health. Daily Endorphin Wellness Challenges encourages a six-week challenge that logs points or minutes of exercise for each team member. Create other incentives to indirectly encourage exercise. For example, promote a "bike to work" or "walk the hall" week to prompt employees to leave their cars at home, pick that far-away parking spot or take a stroll around the office between meetings.

Eat Right

Encourage healthy eating habits with points-based programs. For example, reward employees with a point for each serving of fruits or vegetables they consume. Additionally, award points for each day that an employee avoids junk food or consumes fewer calories. Offer an incentive for the most weight or body fat percentage lost over a two-month period. Pair this type of challenge with other office-wide workout challenges and watch the transformation unfold.

Quit It

Subsidize anti-smoking programs to help employees quit smoking. Offer rewards, such as gift cards, for those employees who commit to stop smoking, or pay for nicotine patches. Be sure to build in some accountability and encouragement along the way, such as starting a group of colleagues who agree to stop tobacco use. Offer alternatives to smoke breaks, such as free coffee or healthy snacks, or create outdoor walking paths that can be used during breaks.


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