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How Does a Corporate Trainer Spend a Workday?

Function of a Corporate Trainer

A corporate trainer develops a company's employees. Corporate trainers accomplish this feat by any number of activities, including seminars. Corporate trainers hold meetings or make announcements about guest speakers, the location of an event, and how to prepare for the event. Corporate trainers function as teachers, informers and coaches on topics ranging from teamwork to technical skills. The type of activities employed may not necessarily be by a human trainer, as the advancement of robotics and computer information systems has opened up a whole new level of training. Robotics and IT solutions for corporate training work best in environments that are too busy for employees to stop their productivity, such as an engineering or manufacturing facility. Robotics and computer technology function better with training that requires the employee to perform drills that require only one answer to each question put forth by the program or machine.

Coordinate Training and Events

On a typical day, a corporate trainer may sit down with a group of employees for the purpose of training the employees on a new system or for testing the implementation of a new system. For example, a group of medical billing coders may need training as the company switches from an old computer data entry system to a new one. Other training might include teaching staff about new laws or customer service improvement. A corporate trainer will also be responsible for coordinating teamwork simulations to test how well new hires adjust to particular groups within the company. As some corporate trainers may be independent contractors or a third-party organization providing a service to a company, the corporate trainer might not have the authority to award or discipline individuals in a company. However, corporate trainers may award certificates to those who complete specialized training. The authentication of any certificate will depend on whether or not the corporate training is done in collaboration with a college or university.

Manage Employee Development

Top companies invest in the education of their employees. Companies hire corporate trainers to improve their employees' performance at their current jobs, as well as train employees for job advancement. Companies then entrust the corporate trainer to manage their employees' development. Corporate trainers manage new hires in the initial stage of employment, particularly with difficult tasks, such as new coding procedures or rules for medical billing. In general, the corporate trainer manages the transfer of knowledge to employees. During group simulations, the corporate trainer oversees the development of "soft skills," which is the basic understanding of things like time management, working under pressure, effective communication and collaborating with peers, and leadership skills. A corporate trainer manages programs that help boost morale, improve teamwork and advance the skills of workers in a company.


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