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The Average Salary of a Corporate Restaurant Trainer

Corporate restaurant trainers help ensure that there is consistency across the brand when it comes to service, policies and procedures. They create training programs that restaurants use to train their personnel. In some restaurant chains, they may also travel to individual restaurants to deliver the training and ensure that employees all have the proper licensing. Corporate restaurant trainers also conduct training needs assessments and evaluate the success of corporate-wide training programs.

Trainer Salaries

A restaurant training manager, who at the corporate level is responsible for training at several locations, makes an average of $45,000 according to Best Sample Corporate trainers in general earn salaries between $32,000 to $57,500 to start. The highest-level corporate trainers make $98,000 or more per year.


Most corporate restaurant training average wages fall between $30,000 and $50,000, according to Best Sample However, there are mild variations from state to state. The states paying the lowest average wage to corporate restaurant trainers are Louisiana at $34,000 and Hawaii at $35,000. Puerto Rico has the lowest average wage at $28,000. The states paying the highest average wage to corporate restaurant trainers are Mississippi at $58,000 and Wyoming and Massachusetts at $52,000.

Career Paths

Corporate training managers typically achieve their position through one of two career tracks. Some work their way up through the ranks, starting at line-level positions in restaurants such as line cook, server, hostess or cashier. This career path then leads to management and a specialization in training. Restaurants that are chains often select their corporate leadership from among the ranks of high-achieving restaurant employees. The second career path is one of receiving an education in training and development. These trainers typically earn degrees in education or instructional design. They are hired directly as a corporate trainer or may work first as a training consultant.


There are several certifications available for corporate restaurant trainers. These certifications are portable and can be used to command higher wages. The major certifying bodies for trainers include the American Society for Training and Development, the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute and the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation. Most certifications require a certain amount of time in position and the passing of an exam.


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