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Jobs for a Computer Science Degree

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

Jobs for people with computer science degrees include applications programmers, computer operations supervisors, junior business analysts and web designers. Some computer science graduates work in private firms, while others enter government or academic settings.

Applications Programmer

Applications programmers write computer instructions and manage customized software programs. Some programs involve tracking company budgets, documenting equipment purchases or monitoring sales information. Qualifications include a 2-year or 4-year undergraduate degree in computer science or mathematics. Applications programmers work in private organizations such as utility companies, engineering firms and data processing companies. Government employers hiring these computer professionals include the National Security Agency and the Department of Energy. A May 2010 report on the Career Builder Salary web site shows an average annual salary of 72,661.

Computer Operations Supervisor

Computer operations supervisors work within an organization's computer operations department. They track computer delays, teach computer operators and handle computer maintenance schedules. Employment qualifications include an undergraduate degree in computer science or business management with an understanding of how to motivate staff members and how to schedule workflos. Some employers hire applicants with an associate's degree and prior work experience as a computer operator. A similar report on the Career Builder Salary web site shows computer operations supervisors earning an average annual salary of $70,402.

Junior Business Analyst

Junior business analysts help senior business analysts and senior managers such as the chief financial officer. Entry-level duties include checking a company's performance, managing databases and providing written reports. Employment qualifications include a bachelor's degree in computer science or business management with courses in computer hardware and software. Skills include critical thinking, problem-solving and ability to work in group settings. These professionals work in government agencies, market research firms and transportation companies. Junior business analysts earn an average annual salary of $63,000, according to a May 2010 report on the Simply Hired web site.

Web Designers

Web designers meet with clients and develop World Wide Web pages. Completing a bachelor's degree in computer science provides web designers with an understanding of computer languages and the background for management careers. Computer science majors who pursue this career can expect to complete annual training and attend seminars to update their skills. Web designers work in technology companies, computer development firms, and academic settings. A May 2010 report on the StateUniversity job site shows the average annual salary of $59,894. The same report shows the employment outlook for web designers is excellent.