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Saleslady Duties and Responsibilities

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Sales ladies often work within retail sales. The category of “retail sales” includes the selling of goods ranging from shoes or cosmetics to computers or cars. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job opportunities in retail sales are projected to be good. The duties of a salesperson include communicating with customers, assisting customers in selecting the right product, performing financial transactions and demonstrating knowledge of the product being sold.

Customer Communication

Communicating with customers is a broad category that includes welcoming customers, assessing the customer’s needs and answering any questions that the customer may have. Customers in any sales environment rely on the sales staff to provide information and guidance regarding the product that is being purchased. Customers also expect a friendly demeanor and good communication skills from a retail salesperson. Additionally, anyone working in retail sales should enjoy working with people since this is a large component of the job.

Assisting Customers

Assisting customers in selecting and locating the right product is vital to ensuring that the customer is satisfied as she completes the transaction. This may range from locating a specific blouse that a customer is looking for, finding the right size of an item, checking the storeroom for additional stock or special-ordering products that meet the customer’s needs. In an electronics store or a car dealership, assisting customers may involve listening to the customers needs first and then helping the customer to choose a computer or car that best meets those needs.

Complete Financial Transactions

Once the customer has finished shopping and is ready to complete his purchase, it is often the salesperson who conducts the financial transaction. In a department store this requires being able to operate the cash register, receive payment from the customer (usually with credit card, debit card, cash or check) and bagging the products that were purchased. Additional related duties often include counting the register’s money, separating credit card slips and handling product exchanges.

Demonstrate Product Knowledge

Salespeople should be constantly striving to increase sales, a task that can only be accomplished if the salesperson can promote the product’s value. An effective and successful salesperson must have knowledge of the product that is being sold. Whether the product is a household item, clothing, electronics or a car, the salesperson should be able to accurately describe product features, demonstrate how a product is used and be able to operate the product.


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