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Credit Card Sales Job Description

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A credit card sales job involves marketing and selling credit cards to consumers. The sales person identifies potential buyers and convinces them to buy the credit cards. He does this by explaining the benefits the buyer will gain from purchasing the products.


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While some employers hire individuals who only have previous sales experience, most employers are increasingly opting for candidates with a Bachelors degree in business related disciplines. A candidate with sales training from college stands a better chance of securing a job as because many sales jobs are getting more analytical and technical. While being a certified sales person is not mandatory for a credit sales person, getting certification adds to professional credibility.

Duties and Responsibilities

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A credit card salesperson attends meetings for reviewing sales performance. She discusses client credit card needs and suggests how to meet those needs. She is responsible for showcasing credit card samples and catalogs to clients. She describes the terms of use for the cards and the prices. A card salesperson follows leads from other clients who may have interest in using the credit cards. She is responsible for taking card orders from clients. She assists clients in resolving complaints about the credit cards or issues that may arise during card use. The credit card sales person demonstrates to the buyers how the credit card is used.

Desired Skills

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A credit card sales person should be conversant with lending laws and regulations. She should have basic sales skills. A credit card seller should be able to analyze customer behaviors. Excellent oral and written skills are a requirement and she needs to adhere to strict deadlines. Persuasiveness is a must-have quality for a credit card seller. She should have patience and perseverance to be able to initiate and complete a sale and be equipped with problem solving skills.

Working Conditions

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A credit card salesperson may carry out sales in a certain region so he may have to travel. Credit card sellers may need to walk a lot from one place to another in order to meet clients. He also carries his products, such as cards and exhibition material, so the sales person requires some physical stamina.


On average, a credit card sales person earns a median salary of $45,843 per year, according to Salary Wizard as of November 2009.This figure varies with factors such as the size of employer, the industry, the employee’s credentials, level of training and experience.


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