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List of Supervisor Skills

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Being promoted to a position such as a supervisor or manager brings new responsibilities; to deal with these responsibilities requires a number of skills. A supervisor is a leader, and an example to others, and consequently needs to practice these skills on a daily basis in order to manage effectively.


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Communication is perhaps the most important skill that a supervisor requires. He needs to transmit information and instructions in a clear and effective manner to people who may not understand due to cultural or educational differences. Ensuring that the person you are talking to fully understands what you are saying is a vital skill.


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Many supervisors are required to record and submit a variety of reports on such things as employee performance. Because of this, a supervisor needs to be able to write clearly, legibly and with good grammar to fully convey the meaning of his report. He may also need to write memos, notices and emails that will be issued to all employees.


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Another important supervisory skill is to listen to your team. Often, supervisors are not carrying out the same tasks as their employees, and therefore do not come into contact with problems and difficulties. Listening to these problems and working together to solve them is a vital skill to have. A supervisor should also have the ability to listen to employee concerns and suggestions and absorb them.


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A supervisor will often be required to teach his employees how to carry out their tasks effectively. In order to do this, they may need to undergo training to learn more about the responsibilities that the job entails and increase their own knowledge. A good supervisor needs the skills necessary to impart that knowledge to other people.