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Assistant Project Manager Duties

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Aiding and supporting a project manager in any of his duties is the responsibility of an assistant project manager. As the project manager is involved in planning, managing and delivering a project, he will need help from a capable assistant who will collaborate on many segments of the project. The assistant project manager will help ensure that nothing goes wrong during the project and will correct mistakes if necessary. Assistant project managers can work in any sector of business and are commonly found in the construction, military, and technology industries.

Provide Information

Researching building codes, materials and any other information that is required is the duty of the assistant project manager. This information is then compiled into a report and submitted to the project manager in charge. The assistant project manager may also be responsible for passing on project requirements, procedures, deadlines and other important details to employees working on the project through meetings, presentations, written documents or other means of communication.

Assist in Planning

During the project planning stage, an assistant project manager is responsible for aiding the project manager in drawing up design plans, locating materials and calculating projected project costs. It is the duty of the assistant project manager to review all plans and designs and ensure there are no mistakes. He will recommend solutions to any problems encountered in the designs and bring any concerns he has to the attention of the project manager.

Carry Out Field Inspections

Along with the project manager, the assistant project manager will carry out periodic inspections of the project. He will assess work carried out in accordance with company procedures and policies. This differs from company to company but usually involves checking that materials are properly used; building codes, requirements, or other regulations are complied with; and schedules are followed. If there are any problems, it is the assistant project manager's duty to bring them to the attention of the project manager and update the project plans, if necessary, to accommodate any changes to the project.

Passing on Information

It is the duty of the assistant project manager to act as a liaison between upper management and staff, passing along new information from the project manager to the staff. This may involve sitting in meetings with senior management and preparing notes and reports for the other staff. Holding weekly update meetings with staff to pass along information and appraise progress is the responsibility of the assistant project manager. He will also listen to any concerns the staff may have and pass these along to the project manager.

Manage Paperwork

Organizing and updating project paperwork is the responsibility of the assistant project manager. Designs, schedules and information on suppliers and other reference material must be kept secure and be filed away for easy access. The assistant manager will ensure these documents are available when needed. Any changes to the project will be documented by the assistant project manager and filed with the other project documents. Keeping rack of invoices and costs is duty of the assistant project manager, who will submit regular financial reports to the project manager.