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Cosmetology License Renewal Requirements in Indiana

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The Indiana Professional Licensing Agency (PLA) provides various services to Indiana’s professional licensing boards and commissions. It is also responsible for facilitating the licensing procedure for members of various professions in Indiana. Cosmetologists who wish to renew their licenses must send their application to the PLA online or via mail.

Renew On time

Cosmetologists in Indiana must renew their license every four years. Failure to renew on time will result in additional fees. If the license has been in expiration status for up to three years, the applicant must pay a license renewal fee and a restoration fee. If the license expired more than three years ago, the applicant must sit for an examination to reinstate it and pay a license renewal fee as well as an initial license fee.

Renew Online

Applicants can renew their cosmetology licenses online through the website for Indiana Online Licensing (see Resources section) with either a credit or debit card.

Renew by Mail

The Beauty Culture Professional and Salon Renewal Form is available for download from the website for the State of Indiana (see Resources section). Applicants must complete the form and mail it in along with the applicable fees. Make checks payable to "Indiana Professional Licensing Agency," and mail the form to:

Indiana Professional Licensing Agency 402 West Washington Street Room W072 Indianapolis, IN 46204