List of Job Specific Skills for a Resume

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Resumes are an important part of a person's job hunt. At times, they are the only tool someone has to differentiate themselves from other job candidates. That is why it is important to spend a lot of time developing a resume and including the right information. Job skills are an important aspect of any resume. Some career professionals suggest that job skills be listed right after the job or career objective. Following are a list of specific skills that should be listed on a resume.

Strong Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are highly important for practically any job, according to Dr. Randall S. Hansen, a career and job-search expert on Every teacher, businessman, architect or manager needs to be able to talk intelligently about certain projects or aspects of their job. These professionals also need to deal with different levels of employees, supervisors, vendors or students. Communication skills include both speaking and writing skills. This particular skill set should be one of the first skills mentioned in your resume. Stress that you have excellent or strong communication skills rather than just communication skills. Do not undersell yourself.

Excellent Organizational Skills

Most jobs require a certain degree of organizational skills. A person has meetings throughout the day, e-mails to answer and projects to complete on or before deadline. These demanding responsibilities necessitate a person's ability to prioritize specific duties, multitask and manage the time spent on each work activity. This particular job-specific skill should be another one that is featured in your resume.

Problem Solving

Not everything goes smoothly on a person's job each day. Mistakes occur, customers complain and major decisions need to be made. Problem-solving skills are another specific skill that should be listed on a resume. Corporations have no blueprint for increasing sales and profits and meeting the earnings per share goals for their shareholders. They rely on their employees to solve problems and initiate marketing strategies or initiatives. Highlighting your problem-solving skills on a resume will not go unnoticed if you have the right qualifications for a job.

Customer Service

All employees need customer service skills. A telemarketer deals with customers over the phone. Marketing research professionals have internal customers, such as the product marketing or advertising department, or even top executives that read their reports. Customer service skills go above and beyond communication skills in that the employee must empathize with his customers and treat them appropriately. Customer service skills should usually be included on a person's resume.

Computer Skills

Computer and Internet skills are always important to include on a resume. Companies need workers who know how to operate computers, manage their e-mail system, manage databases and work with various computer software packages, such as Microsoft Word or Lotus 123 spreadsheets.