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How to Write a Cover Letter for a Wholesale Job

A hiring manger for a wholesaler will browse your cover letter before even checking out your resume. You can be the best-qualified person for the job and not even get an interview because your cover letter was so dull or full of errors that the hiring manager never took the time to look at your resume. Spend a little time on this letter to make the best first impression.

Use the cover letter to let your personality and your passion for the wholesale industry to shine through. While you will want to highlight your qualifications, sprinkle some emotion and feeling words in the cover letter for the job.

Get the name right of the person who is doing the hiring. It is always better to address a letter to a specific person, with the name spelled correctly, than to send it to whom it may concern. Make the effort and find out who will be reading it.

Be clear that you are applying for a specific job in wholesale and that your resume is attached. Don't try to be witty as humor often falls flat on paper. If you have a contact or reference that the hiring manger will recognize, make that very clear near the top of the letter.

Refrain from repeating everything that is on your resume. While you will want to highlight the most important piece of your work experience, the cover letter must be brief enough to fit on one page easily. Keep it to a limit of three or four paragraphs.

Ask someone to proofread your cover letter as well as your resume. Spellchecker is a great tool, but it has its limits. Poor spelling or improper word usage is a turn-off for interviewers and may get your resume slid to the bottom of the pile right form the start.


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