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How to Contact a Hiring Manager

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After you apply for a job, one of the most important things you need to do is to follow up with the hiring manager. Sometimes, the information for the person you need to contact is supplied on the job ad you responded to and following up is simple. However, other times you will need to do a bit of research before you can contact the hiring manager. A simple follow up is sometimes just what you need to get your resume noticed.

Call the company directly to find out who the hiring manager for the job you’re applying for is. You should do this before applying so you can address your cover letter to the specific person. Be prepared to go through a gatekeeper to get the name.

Contact a specific department within the company. If the gatekeeper is persistent in not giving you the name of the hiring manager, try asking the gatekeeper to transfer you right to the department, such as the legal department or finance department. Sometimes, human resources can be helpful in getting the hiring managers name as well.

Ask people you know in the company or who might know someone in the company as a last resort for the hiring manager's name.

Research the contact information for the hiring manager. You can sometimes find this through the staff directory on the company’s website, or you can go through the company’s automated system when you call to get the direct line of the hiring manager.

Get in touch with the hiring manager by phone if you were able to obtain the number. Simply state that you were following up about the position and ask when interviews are being scheduled. If you can only get an email address, follow up that way and put the name of the open position in the subject.


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