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Switchboard Phone Etiquette

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If you work a switchboard, you must be able to multitask, sometimes handling multiple calls at once. The best switchboard operators can deal with several callers at once and also exude the proper etiquette to do the job.


As a switchboard operator, you are the first impression a caller gets from your company. If you are grouchy or irritated by the phone call, the caller will pick it up in your tone and it may negatively affect your company's business.


Switchboard operators should answer the phone with a greeting and be willing to help callers reach the proper person in the company to address their questions.

Other Etiquette

Some switchboard operators will also be required to take messages. They are also responsible for transferring the caller to the right person, apologizing and offering to help if the person is out of the office or away from her desk.


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